Health is wealth, not just a phrase but the biggest truth of life and totally understand so offer the best deals with least prices to keep you healthy & beautiful. We bring you different kind of massagers including the body massager, face massager, callus remover & feet massager or simple fatigue relaxer & vibrator but don’t  stop here and offer complete range of fitness belts including VELFORM sauna belt, hot shaper belt, hot shaper trousers & t-shirt, miss belt & much more. Is that enough? Not at all, we also bring the best hair care products complete range for our loving customers starting from nova hair dryer, nova curler, fast hair brush, nova straightener, Remington hair care, epilator of different types like wizzit epilator or kemei epilator going through nail art and nail care machines. Products do focus on girls care & beauty but we also take care of our male customers and offer KEMEI man shaver, KEMEI trimmer and fitness belt kind of products to keep them fit n handsome.

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Hair Removing Hard Beans Wax Strip-Less (100 Gm) (Code: PB-1082)

 1,900  1,050

Environment Friendly Tap Water Purifier (Code: PB-1081)

 2,300  900

Mini Massager & Aluma Wallet ( Code: PB-741)

Rated 5.00 out of 5
 1,999  999

Finishing Touch Hair Remover Instant Pain Free Hair Removal (Code: PB-724)

Rated 5.00 out of 5
 2,999  1,499

Voox DD Whitening Ceam In Pakistan (Code: PB-720)

 3,999  1,999

Trimmer Sweet Sensitive Precision Beauty Styler(PB-593)

 1,999  999

Pobling pore sonic cleanser (PB-605)

 1,999  899

Face Lift Up Belt Sleeping Face-Lift Mask Massage Slimming Face Shaper RelaxationFacial Slimming Mask Face-Lift Bandage(PB-606)

 1,999  899

Slim n Lift for men (PB-607)

 1,999  999

Paiter Mini Anion Hair Straightener (PB-610)

 1,999  999

Perfect Fitness Perfect Cooling Towel (Code: PB-586)

 1,499  999

Hot Shaper Belt 5 In 1 Beauty Care Massager (Code: PB-559)

 2,500  1,199

DIY Hair Styling Circle Rollers + Slique Face & Body Hair Threading (Code: PB-558)

 2,500  1,199

Power Floss Dental Water Jet (Code: PB-550)

 2,500  1,199

Nail Art Stamping Machine for Women(Pb-516)

 1,999  1,399

Rollie Electric Vertical Nonstick Easy Quick Egg Cooker (PB-406)

 2,999  1,999

Cami Shaper by Genie (Pb-357)

 2,999  1,049

Wazor Hair Flat Iron 1 Inch Ceramic Titanium Hair Straightener (Pb-358)

 2,999  1,799

Ped Egg Bare Nails: Electronic Nail Care System (Pb-359)

 1,999  999

Touch Beauty Electric Nose Hair Trimmer (AS-0959) (Pb-360)

 1,999  999