offer huge range of daily use electronics accessories & appliances ranging from guaranteed Kingston USB to the most demanding power banks. We bring you the most usable accessories including sim jack, earphones, camera lens, charging fan, selfie stick, car accessories, car charger, car ox cable, led, laptop led, laptop accessories, laptop table, torch light,  vr box, magnifier, charger, data cable, card reader & much more all in highly discounted prices with surprise gifts and nationwide delivery. Soon we are going to launch our feature & smart mobile phone collection and branded camera with lenses of different megapixels. Our team work 24/7 to make best possible price of each deal with quality and we are growing everyday due to your love, trust & support.

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JVC Hands Free (Code: PB-1971)

 1,699  999

Phoenix FreeFlight Iron (Code: PB-1400)

 5,000  2,600

Pack of 10! All in One: 1 Selfie Stick + 2 Laptop Led Light + Car Charger + Mobile Grip + Card Reader+ Aux Cable + Hands Free + 2 Sim Jack Kit (Code: PB-1166)

 1,999  999

Electronics Discount 7 Pack (PB-2028)

 3,000  1,099

Laptop Body Support Table (PB-2045)

 2,999  1,499

PakBazaar VR Box (PB-2064)

 5,000  1,199

Intelligent Spy Camera Pen (PB-2044)

 5,000  1,699

Spy Keychain Camera (Code: PB-715)

 2,499  1,499

Mini Humidifier Fan (Code: PB-615)

 3,199  1,299

Pack of 2 Cigarette Lighters(PB-597)

 1,999  999

Windshield Wonder (PB-600)

 1,999  999

Pack Of 3 Laptop Led Light +Power Bank +Sim Jack (Code: PB-574)

 2,500  1,199

M5 Credit Card Size Mobile Phone(Code: PB-548)

 3,000  1,999

Bluetooth 3.0 Car Audio Music Receiver (Pb-305)

 1,999  1,299

Pack Of 2! Car Mobile Holder And Selfie Stick (PB-302)

 1,999  999

Air Compressor Tool 12V Portable Electric Tyre Pump Inflator – 250PSI (PB-2046)

 2,499  1,200

HDMI EZcast WIFI Dongle PB-2047

 2,999  1,999

USB Watch Lighters (PB-2035)

 2,999  1,999
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